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Unified Couples San Diego


Hang on to your beach hats, surf boards, flip flops or what ever else you might take to the California beaches! We have great news of what the Lord is doing through Dwelling Place Ministries.

As many of you know, David and Michelle relocated to Coronado Island in the heart of San Diego, CA recently for work. Dwelling Place Ministries embraced this new location, as the Lord has guided, and have expanded our Getaway ministry to couples in San Diego.

It should come as no surprise that Dwelling Place is being received well and we have just posted our first ever Unified Couples San Diego Getaway.

It is so amazing watching the Lord work through this ministry into the hearts of couples. We are so thankful for this expansion of DPM and can't wait for our first Getaway!

We humbly continue to follow our Lord and ask Him for strength and guidance each step of the way. Please keep us in prayer as we navigate all the directions that Lord has us going.


DPM Staff

Fred, Kirsten, David and Michelle


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