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Becoming One

From our friends over at Fierce Marriage

Becoming one. There is so much depth in that concept—and so much joy in pursuing it.

Yet, modern culture is not naturally inclined toward "two becoming one". Individualism and the popularity of self discovery place priority on "me" and "my wants". These are not to be our priorities in marriage.

Marriage is profound in this way: when we commit to another so deeply as in the marital covenant, each takes on needs of the other as their own. This leads to deep oneness that only exists between spouses.

Deep oneness is marked by at least three things.

1) Intimacy: experience such closeness that you forget where you end and your spouse begins—physically, spiritually, emotionally.

2) Transparency: nothing is hidden. Your spouse sees and knows you as you see and know yourself.

3) Selflessness: your primary desire is to love and serve your spouse, as you are loved and served by Christ.

Intentionally pursue deep oneness in your marriage through intimacy, transparency, and selflessness. And as you do, may you greater understand the oneness Christ pursues to have with you.

Love each other fiercely,

Ryan & Selena Frederick

Pic by Jeff Marsh Creative


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