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We believe marriage is one of the foundational corner stones to our culture. As marriages go, so goes families and ultimately society. More than simply a propagating tool, healthy marriages have the opportunity to demonstrate multiple elements of God’s character; forgiveness, love, compassion, fidelity, humility, unity, selflessness and strength to name a few.


Through the encouragement of healthy marriages we believe couples are able to show a world something different, something unique of God. We work towards healthy marriage relationships through our humorous exploration getaway where couples gain an opportunity to learn, laugh and love the unique design God alone has for them as a couple. Because we have found many participants wish they had been given some of the information before they were married, we also offer coaching specifically designed for couples who are considering marriage (Unified Beginnings). Beyond the retreats, we desire to come along side churches and develop a Mentorship/Coaching program to strengthen couples who have participated in our getaway. We also offer counseling, financial classes, and educational tips to enhance any marriage.


As God moves your heart, we would love for you to join us through financial support, sponsorship, prayer or volunteering as you have the ability. If you are interested, please contact us or simply click the “Support” button below and fill out the appropriate information.


Thank you for your prayers and your desire to see God’s work flourish in marriages. As we grow together in strength we demonstrate God’s unity to the world around us.  

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