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A Choice

As I look at the creation around me I am overwhelmed with its beauty, its intricate detail and its incredible reflection of our Designer’s hand. The trees with unparalleled patterns contained within their bark, the mountain vistas blanketed with icy snow reflecting distant majesty or the breathtaking roar of the ocean waves as they crash in a symphonic crescendo. We are surrounded by the majesty of God’s incredible creation every day.

But this amazing creation is broken. Not because of God, for His design was perfect, but because of mankind. Scripture tells us, “creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time”, and is in “bondage to decay” (Rom. 8:21-22, NIV) due to sin. When God promised death as a result of sin, it affected the entire creation. Creation is dying continuously around us.

If the creation we are a part of is so amazing and awe inspiring as we see it even under the clutches of sin, consider how amazing God’s new heaven and new earth will be! Think of what it will be like to look upon each other in perfection without the blemishes of sin. So if you are wrestling with a difficult relationship full of pain and trouble just remember that it was never God’s original design for you to experience. Your spouse was designed for a perfect world but because of the consequences of sin, they have been affected. Jealousy, wrath, hurtful words, and accusations are all a result of sin.

The incredible piece to all this is that regardless of the destruction of sin, God offers the most amazing solution, forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ. He offers a second chance, an opportunity to eliminate the eternal effects of sin. He offers forgiveness, grace and mercy through a relationship with Jesus. In marriage we have the same opportunity to offer these gifts to our spouse. As we interact with our “significant other” we get to appreciate the incredible beauty and intricate design of our Creator in each other.

My wife is a creation of the most Sovereign God of the universe. If I do not see eye to eye with her it's not His fault. His creation is marvelous! If there are issues or if I struggle with my wife, that is a result of sin. It is at this point that I have the opportunity to choose the lie of sin that brings death and trouble or the truth of God’s gift which brings life and restoration. I get to choose belief over doubt, faith over fear, love over anger, respect over disrespect, forgiveness over judgment, mercy over condemnation and grace over accusation. It is at this moment I have the chance to honor my wife, God’s creation, and see her beauty, stand in awe of her craftsmanship and be amazed by her person created by a Holy God.

Fred Doehle

Dwelling Place Ministries

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