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Celebrating Differences

Marriage is a quirky thing isn’t it? I mean why would God create a union made up of such differences and expect them to get along and not just get along but thrive?

When we come across marriage in Genesis we are offered a glimpse at some peculiar pieces of unity between two very distinct and unique individuals. The creativity and genius of God’s design for marriage can be seen throughout the entire process.

The first two and probably the greatest “hints” we see to God’s wondrous design for marriage shows up in Genesis 1:27; “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them” (NIV). This fantastic account is very clear that mankind was created in God’s image. As they say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. God in His infinite wisdom, grace and love created mankind to reflect the most holy, incredible, magnificent thing He could, Himself. By doing so He instilled value and purpose into mankind from the very beginning. As I look at my wife, I first and foremost must see a creation of infinite value due to her reflection of the incomparable Creator. My actions towards her must always be guided by the fact of her value that God Himself sees and has placed in her. He has given me, a man, an opportunity to demonstrate my respect and awe for Him by how I live with my wife. Much like if I loan a tool to a friend, I realize how much they respect me and our relationship by how they take care of that tool.

Second, we see God creating two distinct individuals of two distinct genders, male and female. We come across the reason for this later in Genesis 2: 20b-23, when we see man was incomplete without woman. The creation would have contained a “void” had woman not been created. It was fitting that Adam realized there was no, “suitable helper”, after naming all the animals (2:20b). He was unique, different than the other animals of creation. He required a uniquely designed “helper” to come along side and complete him. The genius of God’s design is that, though my wife is completely different than I am, we need each other. This results in a requirement for us to work our differences together continuously sharpening and shaping each other as no other member of creation can do. We must create an environment in our marriage that fosters mutual respect for each other’s difference and even celebrates them when appropriate. If my wife and I were exactly the same, the relationship would be weakened. When differences are brought together there is actually a strength that occurs as a result of those very differences.

Marriage is quirky, but that’s a good thing. If you have experienced the wrestling that occurs in a marriage because of differences, rejoice! You are not alone. Those differences are the very thing that quite literally make you and your spouse stronger.

To learn more about differences in marriages and how to use them to enhance your relationship, look us up at where you can join us for our retreat entitled, Unified Foundations. In this retreat, we explore this idea of differences in your marriage through humor and God’s Word. Join us and see just how your greatest strength may be found in your greatest differences!

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